Constructing a Unique, Meaningful Blueprint of Your Future

 I’ve recently found myself resonating with ideas about career exploration and intentionally making decisions that create meaning. I have transitioned from the world of physical health as a physiotherapist to a psychotherapist in the field of mental health. It has been a winding journey, but one that has allowed me to connect with a career that I love with all my heart, and can’t stop thinking about. So following this interest, I set out for Ottawa to attend a conference on Career Development called Cannexus 17, and I’m incredibly glad that I did. These are some of the themes that arose, and wisdom I gained from the sessions I attended at the conference:

  • An important area of exploration is tapping into what’s already there. Desires are sometimes dampened by external voices, but are usually already known.
  • Our careers and our lives do not have to be separate. A career is way more significant than just a job.
  • It’s helpful to find opportunities for making choices in our daily life that resonate with our vision for our own unique career.
  • Each person alone is responsible for making meaning of ourselves and our careers.
  • How can we find concrete stepping stones to turn self reflection and constructed vision into reality?

       For anyone in the field of teaching, mental health, social work, or counselling of any sort, this is an incredibly inspiring conference full of amazing insight into developing meaningful careers that resonate and provide fulfillment. I highly recommend it, and can’t wait to attend next year!

       Connecting with wise individuals in this field left me with the valuable conclusion that there are many people out there who crave meaning and deep connection from their careers. Don’t ever give up if this is something you crave and you haven’t quite found it. Sometimes it takes time, and experience in other fields. It will likely take some exploration, and getting up close and personal with who you are and what you really want out of life. Cannexus 17 allowed me the opportunity to meet an extensive network of warm, caring individuals who are advocates for anyone seeking deeper meaning in their lives. It was an inspiring place to be, and if I can pass on any of this insight I would be thrilled to do so. Have the courage to explore where you find your meaning in life, reach out if you need help to do so, and remind others in your life that they also deserve to connect with a career that sets their heart on fire.